Using Fruit Infuser Water Pitchers to Prepare Fresh Ice-Cold Cocktails

Fruit infuser water pitchers are designed for people who like to enjoy energizing mixtures of fruity drinks at home. These gadgets works by simply putting a mixture of fruits and water into a compartment then pressing a button to allow for the formation of an ice-cold cocktail. The simple home operable machine is ideal for people who prefer ice-cold drinks over hot beverages. It would be a handy gadget especially during the hot summer period.

A fruit infuser water pitcher allows people to prepare freshly made fruity refreshments rather than rely on pre-packaged juices whose sell by date is not guaranteed. These gadgets come with an open slot into which the preferred fruits are put for mixing. After the raw materials are selected, the user will chop them into small pieces and wait for the pressed juice to mix with water to form the preferred healthy fruity recipe.

Fruit infuser water pitchers are different from ordinary juicers because they can be used to prepare a drink whose temperatures are relatively low. A juicer cannot make chilled drinks but an infuser can. When making liquid refreshments using these machines, the owner may opt to use favorite fruits such as lemons, raspberry or lime or any flavor the user chooses.

The best models of these infusers come with an ice core screw that is attached to the lid. This ice core screw may be frozen repeatedly so that the prepared drink can remain cold for many hours.

Using the machine is relatively easy because the users can prepare additional chilled juices without reopening the gadget. The latest models of infusers will even allow for the fruits and water to mix naturally. The machine may be left to work on its own after it is set in motion.

Herbal tea can also be made using the water infuser. All that is required is to choose either white or green tea for mixing with a variety of fruits. This herbal tea drink is not only aromatic but can be taken when the weather is extremely discomforting due to high temperatures.

When choosing an infusion pitcher, the matter of size is of crucial consideration. A machine whose size is 6.25 x 6.25 x 10.75 inches may be preferred by a family of four. The gadget may at times be stored in a refrigerator in case there is need to lower the cocktail temperatures further. Models of infusion pitchers that can make both cold and hot cocktails are available too. Such machines can be sold together with interchangeable cores.